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Breanne Kallonen

I’m a high achieving woman. I want more, I want it all.

I want to feel good, I want to look good, I want to achieve greatness. I want to be a leader for my family, for my community. This is what I want. My story is, I started young. I started my family and earned my Doctor of Naturopathy Degree by age 25 and I kept wanting more.

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness but as I started to step into my own business I knew that I needed to continue to grow as my business grew. Deep down I knew it was not enough to be successful in my business, I also wanted to look and feel my best.

The Metabolic Reset Program

What's Included

The Metabolic Reset Program has been carefully curated to provide the most proven strategies. For the last 7 years, we've continued to refine our process and are proud to present the most comprehensive program available anywhere.

Your program includes:

  • A Comprehensive Metabolic Intake & Maintenance Review with Breanne Kallonen to assess your personal health history goals and supplement regime.
  • Wild Side Wellness Lifestyle Guide
  • Weekly Mindset Mastery Sessions with our certified Health Coaches and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Professionals
  • 5-Minute Journal
  • Daily Health Tips and Accountability in private Facebook Group
  • Wild & Free Book Written By Dr. Kallonen, ND
  • Personal Daily Email Support
  • Metabolic Reset Recipe Book
  • Customized Supplements to support detox, gut health, hormones, stress, as well as your unique needs. Everything you need is included in the program.
  • BONUS : Wild Side 6 Week Week Intermittent Fasting & Carb Cycling Lifestyle Program (includes gym and home exercise plan).


Frequently Asked Questions

Most participants report being suprised that they are not hungry! Individuals who are using to snacking throughout the day may worry about cravings and hunger but this is just a symptom of blood sugar imbalances. Healthy individuals with metabolic flexibility should be able to comfortably fast for 16 hours. Through the Metabolic Reset Program we support blood sugar by consuming foods high in fiber and good quality proteins to stabilize hunger. The metabolic support formula included in the Metabolic Reset Program is specifically designed to balance your blood sugar along with the probiotic supplements to seed your gut with helpful, hunger-calming gut flora.

The program utilizes whole foods that are available at any grocery store. The recipes are simple, fast and include minimal ingredients. We encourge your entire family to consume the same foods - healthy foods are for every one! Majority of the meals can be cooked and prepped in 20 minutes or less – and we teach you how to “cook-once” and then reuse food across different dishes. We also encourage you to double your favourite recipes at freeze portions to have available for busy days. For those who do not want to cook or meal prep we work with local chefs and meal prep companies that can prepare and deliver meals directly to you.

Overexercising contributes to adrenal and hormone stress. This is why we don’t recommend that you participate in intensive exercise on the program. If exercise is part of your social community we can make modificiations and recommendations. We find that overworked adrenals (or the presence of too much stress hormones) is a major reason why most people have such a hard time losing weight. Having a hightened nervous system is also one of the many reasons why people suffer from low energy, even though they get sufficient sleep. Light walking, yoga, sauna, or stretching works best to help move toxins out of your body without activating your stress hormones.

Yes! More energy is a main side effect of the metabolic reset program. Most people report that they get better sleep during the program and feel more calm and focused throughout the day. During the first few days of the program while your body is adjusting to your new metabolic lifestyle you may feel low energy. However you know exactly what to expect at each stage amn we offer plenty of program tweaks in our free Facebook group to help you stay on track with your detox and weight loss.